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Many businesses and retailers honor veterans and military service members every year with deals and discounts, but for some of these brands it’s more than just a discount. We had the chance to talk to Lance Henning at and uncovered the company’s strong military ties and heartfelt need to honor those who have served.

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What made you decide to celebrate veterans and offer discounts exclusively for Veterans Day? understands very well the sacrifices made for the freedoms we enjoy each and every day! We are dedicated to supporting the health and fitness goals of those men and women that have made our freedoms possible.

What personal connection do you have to the military community? And, why is Veterans day special to you?

I was active Air Force for ten years, my father was active Air Force for 22 years, and my grandfather was active Navy 29 years and was a survivor of Pearl Harbor. I’m proud of that heritage, and when I work on special initiatives for our military, it comes from the heart.


What connection does your brand have with the military community?

We support our military through our deployed-troop sponsorship program, online fitness contests, a year-round military discount, and a dedicated military landing page with tailored fitness content. We’re also supporters of Hire Heroes USA, which helps veterans and their families transition back into civilian life. In addition to wanting to give back to our troops, we also believe that helping them stay physically and mentally strong helps them stay safe. It really means something to us when troops sends us letters, pictures, and flags as a thank you for making their deployment a little bit better.