Sir Nils Olav III doesn’t say a word, yet he commands the attention and respect of an entire country. Sir Nils Olav III doesn’t march the way military members are expected to march, but with his every move, he’s lauded. Sir Nils Olav III is sharply-dressed, but nary wears a piece clothing ever. Sir Nils Olav III hasn’t seen combat, won a battle or made an impactful decision beyond dinner, but he was just promoted to Brigadier in the Royal Norwegian Guard.

Sir Nils Olav III is a king penguin.

Sir Nils Olav III is a knight.

Sir Nils Olav III has achieved more than you or any of us will ever achieve, and he has wings that don’t even work.

This from ABC in Australia:

Nils Olav I was adopted by Norway’s Guard in 1972 and named the army’s mascot.

His name is a combination of Major Nils Egelien, who organised the adoption, and the then-King of Norway, King Olav.

During their lives, Sir Olav I, II and III have seen a gradual move up in the ranks, first from Corporal to Sergeant, eventually Colonel-in-Chief and, finally, Knighthood in 2008.

The Edinburgh Zoo says Sir Olav III is regarded very highly among the Norwegian guardsmen and has received these honours due to his “outstanding service and good conduct”.

Check out Sir Nils’ medal on his little flap there. Well done: