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Man posing at sunset, sowing biceps. Nature background

2015 is just a day away, and many people are using the last day of the year to define their New Year’s resolutions. The problem is that research indicates a substantial number of Americans will abandon those resolutions within two weeks. According to University of Scranton Psychology Professor Dr. John C. Norcross, 40% of American adults made resolutions in 2013. Unfortunately, 25% had already broken one or more of them by mid-January.

ManUP Health Website LogoManUPTM Health is a new fitness service aiming to make those New Years resolutions stick. Designed to empower men to “reclaim their old self,” the service combines mindset, activity, and nutrition-focused training delivered by expert coaches via live video, phone, text and email (think Rocky Balboa’s coach, Mickey, with a cell phone and laptop). Members get their own dedicated coach to hold them accountable and they have teammates to support one another and competitors to compare their performance against. The average member can expect to burn 20-40 pounds in four months.

For military veterans and first responders, ManUPTM Health offers an exclusive 40% off discount on coaching services. ManUPTM Health Founder Sean Eldridge decided to create this special program after observing that veterans have the same obesity rate as the nonveteran population despite coming from a culture that enforces physical fitness standards within a team environment.  

“Military service members are fit because they operate within a culture that holds them accountable to a leader and a team for their individual performance,” notes Eldridge. “ManUP is designed to help a veteran re-establish healthy fitness habits with a coach and a team that cares for him.” 

Given scientific research estimating diet failure rates at 90 – 95%, ManUPTM Health might be just what you need to stick with your New Years resolution.