When it comes to recruiting brainwashing young people all over the world to join its evil mini empire, there’s simply no limit to the depth ISIS will stoop.

Especially on social media. Which, as you probably know, is their propaganda dissemination method of choice.

Over the weekend the terror organization decided to jump on the teenybopper bandwagon bonanza that is a human boy (or, technically, “man” at this point somehow) — the entertainer with the bouncy surname — none other than Justin Bieber.

The Canadian pop star, 21, has about 74 million followers on Twitter.

ISIS released a graphic video and added a Bieber hashtag to their usual ones including “ISIL”.

ISIS tweet with Bieber

This from News Corp Australia:

The 15-minute video, which was professionally produced, includes the filming of the execution of four men, who are shot in the back of the head at close range as they kneel on the ground with their hands bound.

Footage of various attacks are also shown, as are appeals for new recruits.

It also features a martyrdom video of an Islamic State fighter as he prepares to carry out a suicide bombing using a vehicle laden with explosives. The video shows the man driving the vehicle towards an enemy base, followed by a massive explosion.