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These days, there are just over 300 million people living in the United States. Of that populace, about 240 million are eligible to vote in elections — including the presidential one just weeks away.

However, only 129 million actually take advantage of the privilege — a privilege preserved by the U.S. military by the way — and make their mark on a ballot.

In this spirit, a movement was recently born, and a campaign was launched, by the popular veteran nonprofit “Got Your Six“. Basically, it shrewdly combines two fragile social components and glues them together, to make a strong, furtive suggestion to all Americans: thank a vet by not walking up to them and saying “thank you!”, but by exercising your right to vote.

The PSA is called, simply, “Don’t just thank; Vote!”

According to the org’s executive director, Bill Rausch, the campaign will include Hollywood names like Joe Manganiello, Tom Arnold, Rob Riggle, David Eigenberg and J.W. Cortes (the last three being veterans themselves).

“One way to repay us is to go and vote,” Rausch told FOX News Latino.

“There’s a unique opportunity to showcase,” Cortes said. “Our voices are powerful and can be heard and will be heard.”

In case you weren’t aware, Election Day is November 8.