Well this is concerning.

A German terrorist who tried but failed to attack United States service members and civilians at U.S. Air Force’s Ramstein Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate and other installations in Europe in 2007 has been released from prison much earlier than expected — according to lawyer who spoke with the Associated Press.

The convicted thug, Fritz Gelowicz, who converted to Islam and was among a bunch of men arrested and jailed for the thwarted attack a decade ago was originally sentenced to 12 years behind bars for “membership in a terror organization, conspiracy to commit murder and preparing an explosive device.”

More from the AP/Army Times:

Lawyer Dirk Uden said late Tuesday that the Duesseldorf state court released Gelowicz after he served more than two-thirds of his sentence, as is common in Germany.

A little over a decade incarceration seems like flimsy, almost pathetic punishment for a crime that — if Gelowicz had his way — would’ve killed dozens of American troops and others. Wish there was more to the story, i.e. if the radical mentioned anything about being rehabilitated and/or remorse.