Fort Carson’s largest fighting force, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, is on their way to Kuwait. Congress still hasn’t given the President an answer on his request to go to war against the terrorist group ISIS (a.k. ISIL, Islamic State) but the President and the Department of Defense are preparing for increased activity in and around ISIS-controlled territory. 

The President’s letter to Congress proposed that American troops battling ISIS would take some military action and render humanitarian assistance to the survivors of ISIS’ brutality.

The 4,000 troops of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team are thoroughly trained for both possibilities, from small-scale aid to full-out war. 

Officially, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team is part of the United States military’s continued presence in Kuwait since 2011. However, if Congress allows the President to use greater force against ISIS, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team will be among the first American troops involved in the fight.

They will also be the largest ground force of warfighters in the region. 

Many service members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team are Iraq veterans, and they were the last troops to leave when the Iraq War ended.






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