Curt Schilling, a former standout Major League Baseball pitcher and current radio host, was criticized Monday after he questioned the service of a United States military veteran who fought in the War in Afghanistan.

As one might guess, it all started when the vet, Jason Kander, had something political to say on Twitter that involved American soldiers. He took umbrage with the president’s words about how the country’s service members don’t “fight to win.”

That’s when the former Philadelphia Phillie chimed in, and got personal with the discussion fairly quick.

Kander, who did see combat overseas, answered the question and then posed his own.

Schilling has never served in the military.

Kander is a lawyer who was the Secretary of State of Missouri from 2013 to 2017.

He enlisted after 9/11 in the Army National Guard and earned his commission while completing his law degree at Georgetown University.