If you think a monocle is the unambiguous symbol of wealth, you may want to think again.

For those who really want to fall ass backwards into money? Magoo it. Toss your sacred seeing lenses and brave the world sans (proper) eyesight. There’s a chance you’ll strike it rich, just like Bob Sabo of Easton, Connecticut did.

This is how his coffer got stuffed, according to the Associated Press:

[Bob] didn’t want to wait in line to buy a lottery ticket at the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield, so he decided to buy a ticket from a lottery vending machine — something he had previously never done.

Sabo says he meant to buy two $20 tickets, but says he didn’t have his glasses on and instead bought a $30 ticket. When he got home, he discovered the ticket was a winner.

The store will receive $300 from CT Lottery for selling the top prize winning ticket.