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Okay so the “concerned aunt” is none other than popular comedienne and Jimmy Kimmel ex-bae, Sarah Silverman.

On Monday, she got super worried apparently, and took to Twitter, where she hit up the United States Marine Corps with some interesting questions about the fate of her nephew, who’s currently training to be a Marine at Parris Island, South Carolina. It all stems from the recent ugly accusations aimed at a number of USMC drill instructors, who are being questioned in the death of a recruit who fell from a three-story building and, also, putting another in clothes dryer, letting it spin.

Here’s what Silverman served up the Marines’ primary Twitter handle at about seven in the evening:

She also hit up the United States Postal Service in an effort to get them to stop the package that was headed to South Carolina.

A few hours later, the military branch responded to her inquiries:

Tuesday morning, Sarah sent back a “thank you” — also via Twitter:

Sounds like the tooting device will have to wait until after graduation.

Washington Post