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Many businesses and retailers honor veterans and military service members every year with deals and discounts, but for some of these brands it’s more than just a discount. We had the chance to talk to Karen Brinson Yates at CHIEF Supply and uncovered the company’s strong military ties and heartfelt need to honor those who have served.

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What made you decide to celebrate veterans and offer discounts exclusively for Veterans Day?

Since 1977 CHIEF Supply has been recognizing and offering discounts to our military and Veteran community.  However, our efforts have increased as we have grown our presence in GSA Purchasing and hiring retired military members to lead our GSA efforts.  Also, our recent partnership with gave us an additional opportunity to share our quality product offering to more service members. 


What personal connection do you have to the military community? And, Why is Veterans day special to you?

CHIEFSupply was founded to provide the most up-to-date, innovative tactical gear to our military and first responder personnel.  We staff retired military and law enforcement officers to bring relevance and understanding of what gear should be in our product listing.  Veterans Day is special to us as it gives a day to honor them for their services and sacrifices and hits home with employees who have family who have served.

What connection does your brand have with the military community?

As a recognized source of supply throughout the military community, CHIEF Supply also has strong participation with Wounded Warrior and Hometown Heroes. Every year our President and a few local wounded warriors embark on a exclusive hunting trip that allows us to show compassion and share our gratitude.  It is a highlight of ours in serving others.