The image above is slowly getting passed around the world, via the internet, and to say it says “a lot” would be saying something way too obvious. It would also be saying too much.

The boy was in an edifice that felt the destructive power of an airstrike from either Russia or the Syrian government — the very establishment that’s supposed to be fortifying his childhood, not ending it.

This from The New York Times:

The boy, identified by medical workers as Omran Daqneesh, 5, was pulled from a damaged building … in the northern city of Aleppo. He was one of 12 children under the age of 15 treated on Wednesday, not a particularly unusual figure, at one of the hospitals in the city’s rebel-held eastern section, according to doctors there.

But some images strike a particular nerve, for reasons both obvious and unknowable, jarring even a public numbed to disaster. Omran’s is one.

It’s hard to make out, but Omran is wearing a t-shirt with a cartoon character on it: Nickelodeon’s CatDog.