Jeremy Renner, the actor who played that guy in the vile Hollywood depiction of the U.S. military known as The Hurt Locker, crashed a not-so-pleased bride and groom’s wedding reception in Houston last week — according to TMZ and Defamer.

The Hollywood “star” was in town for Comicpalooza (he has a prominent role in the Avengers movie franchise) and was staying at the same hotel (the Magnolia, according to numerous sources) where the wedding celebration was taking place. Allegedly, he walked into the reception, brazenly got a drink at the open bar, chatted with some of the guests, then refused to take a photograph with the bride and groom.

As you can imagine, they were not pleased with this response.

In the wake of the story getting out to the masses, Renner’s publicist — Susan Patricola — has expectedly come out of the woodwork to refute the bad press and say that he did none of the things that might come off rude or bad. Like we said, that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s her job.

If he were a real veteran — and not just someone who acts like one for millions of dollars on the big silver screen — he would’ve at least posed for a picture. Come on.

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