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A recent Army intelligence bulletin stressed the importance of keeping sensitive military information off of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In the bulletin, the Army Threat Integration Center (ARTIC) warned military members and their families that ISIL poses a threat to military families after the terrorist organization urged its members, through a tweet, to locate U.S. military families through social media and harm them. ARTIC cautioned that military family members should not post photos of deployed military members, discuss military affiliations, or note the location of military family members by checking in at particular locations.

ARTIC also stressed that they currently have no additional intelligence of a particular attack against the milfamily community, although one man has reported verbal abuse by ISIL sympathizers on social media. The Army’s warnings and recommended precautions are instead a result of continued volatile messaging from ISIL social media sources directed at U.S. military personnel and their families. The Army underscored that, “this document is a reminder to stay vigilant.”