The midshipmen who put together a hilarious spoof insulting the ‘Chair Force’ right before the Air Force-Navy game are back with a new spirit video to ignite excitement before their next game–the highly anticipated and competitive Army-Navy game.

The Naval Academy will face off with the U.S. Military Academy at West Point for the 116th year on Dec. 12. The school has enjoyed a 13-year winning streak against West Point, and if this Star Wars-themed spirit video is any indication, Naval Academy students are gunning for their 14th win.

In the video, a midshipmen dressed as Luke Skywalker feels a “disturbance in the force” indicating that another midshipmen (Princess Leia) is in danger. His commandant orders him to “do what we’ve done for the last 13 years” and defeat West Point. “May the 14th be with you,” the commandant says, referencing the Navy’s hopeful 14th win against the Army.

The rest of the five-minute video features homages to the original Star Wars films (Luke wistfully staring at the sun, a band playing the Cantina song, Stormtroopers missing every single shot they fire) as well as references to recent scandals at West Point (the now-banned pillow fight).

Regardless of your allegiance in the historic Army-Navy rivalry, the video is worth a watch simply for the tongue-in-cheek Star Wars references and trash talking.

“A long time ago at an Academy far, far away…”

But wait, what did the Army say about all this?

The 25th Infantry Division released a video spoofing the Navy’s “We Don’t Give a Ship” spirit video from the 2014 game. “We don’t give a ship,” a gravelly-voiced soldier says to the camera. “But we do give a truck.”

And then they blew up the Navy mascot.

With a rivalry this intense, we’ll be sure to tune into the game.