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Aaron Jacobs is in many ways your typical cashier, but he is also a Marine veteran and combat instructor with 25 years of fighting experience under his black belt. His combat training doesn’t always come in handy at work, but when it does Jacobs is quick to act.

In the news report below, security footage of the BP gas station where Jacobs works shows a customer placing a six pack of beer on the country. Suddenly, the customer whips out a 12 inch knife and threatens Jacobs.

The thief miscalculated. Rather than handing over any money, Jacobs uses his combat training to quickly disarm the man and chase him out of the store. In the ensuing altercation, Jacobs told news outlets that he was more concerned about the gas station’s products than the inept thief he was currently pummeling.

“The cigar rack got knocked over, which I was worried about at the time,” Jacobs said. “Then the chips rack exploded. I’m thinking oh no not the chips rack.”

No people or potato chips were harmed.