There are a lot of things that can ground an airplane. For example, suspicious/dangerous objects. Inclement weather conditions. Celebrities behaving badly (looking at you Kate Moss).

Now that list is expanded to include bees. Well, one especially cheeky bee.

British airline Flybe (ironically pronounced Fly-Bee) was forced to ground its flight from Southhampton to Dublin after a rogue bumblebee got stuck inside the aircraft mid-flight. The airline ordered the plane to return to the airport and then aborted the flight after a two hour delay. The exact details of the bee’s sabotage have yet to be released.


No one was harmed during the bee’s take over. One passenger tweeted that the delay was “unbeelievable.” The puns haven’t stopped since.

It is unlikely that there will be any more bees infiltrating a Flybe plane, and the airline will continue to schedule more flights.