In the U.S. military, it’s not a real competition until the trash talk starts. The upcoming Invictus Games are no different.

The 2016 Invictus Games, an international Paralympic event founded by Prince Harry to celebrate wounded military veterans, will kick off in Orlando, Florida on May 8.

Now that the games are only a week away, the Obamas challenged the royal family in a video posted to Twitter.

Flanked by uniformed military members, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama warned the royal family that they would ‘bring it’ at next week’s competition. Behind them, a service member had the honors of dropping the mic.

Kensington Palace was not to be outdone.

A followup video shows Prince Harry discussing the upcoming games with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. After the two watch the Obamas’ video, the Queen derisively quips, “Oh really. Please.” Prince Harry then drops his own mic with a triumphant, “Boom.”

Alright, this exchange is extremely tame compared to what some U.S. military members dish out before football games. What can you expect? These are the leaders of the free world. There’s only so much ribbing either the Obamas or Kensington Palace can do without causing an international incident.

It will be tough to beat the Queen of England’s disappointed “Oh really,” but we’re optimistic. Maybe Team USA will publish a spirit video similar to those exchanged between the military academies before football games. To prepare for one game, cadets from the U.S. Naval Academy filmed a five minute Star Wars spoof to poke fun at West Point. Before the Air Force-Navy game, Air Force cadets wrote a rap full of burns. West Point sent its war tubas into battle in its own hilarious video.

Make sure you support the American wounded warriors competing in the Invictus Games next week! TEAM USA!