Hollywood guns look cool on the big screen, but they have absolutely no grounding in reality. Seriously, what eternally clean, infinitely loaded guns are these guys shooting? We actually want to know.

1) Magical Self-Replenishing Ammo


If Arnold Schwarzenegger has taught us anything, it’s that nothing looks more amazing than an endless spray of bullets rocketing out of a single gun. However, a machine gun blasting at full-auto will probably run out of ammo in a few seconds. Sorry Arnold.


2) Flawless Aim, Unless It’s the Bad Guys

giphy (3)

In too many films, action heroes take out entire armies with guns they have never used before. Meanwhile, the enemies shoot so poorly they may as well be crosseyed. You don’t need to be a gun owner to know this is ridiculous.


3) Super Cool Gun (Un)Loading

giphy (1)

While teeny Macaulay Culkin looks like he means business, his intense shotgun pumping is actually unloading the gun. Rookie mistake.


4) No Maintenance Required, Ever

guns guns guns

Nobody ever told the Hollywood suits that guns require a lot of tedious maintenance. Guns jam, rust and require many accessories to function at their best. If you plan on using those old firearms in your closet to fight the apocalypse, you might want to clean them first.


5) Bullets Explode In Fiery Glory

explosion 2

While some ammo is more explosive than others, your handgun isn’t going to reduce a car to blazing inferno. Mythbusters proved a couple years ago that “shooting the gas tank” doesn’t really explode cars at all, mostly because bullets aren’t flammable. Who’d a thunk?