Depending on whether or not you read Hollywood gossip, you may or may not have heard of former Saturday Night Live comic Jon Lovitz’s foray into the world of viral hoaxes. Long story short, he faked an engagement with a very attractive, much younger actress/performer for, well, mostly her benefit.

It is what it is.

We, naturally being a military blog, much prefer the time he went viral a little over a year ago, when he roasted the crap out of Brian Williams for his embarrassingly phony stories about being in death-defying, militaristic situations in the Middle East (he claimed his copter was hit by an RPG — he also lied about seeing terrible things during Hurricane Katrina and the fall of the Berlin Wall).

He used one of his old comedic characters to seal the successful lampoon, pathological liar Tommy Flanagan, which he performed as far back as 1985 for Johnny Carson:

Here’s how he used it to rip Williams in fine, fine fashion:

Williams career has never been the same (and neither has his daughter’s).