People who have actually experienced war first-hand often leave the movies feeling disgruntled. From the uniforms and jargon to the firearms and combat scenes, Hollywood just never gets it right. What’s a military movie buff to do?

Introducing ‘Range 15.’

Range 15 is a feature-length film project starring Medal of Honor recipients Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer and retired Army Master Sgt. Leroy Petry. Sponsored by military-inspired clothing lines Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing, Range 15 is a film made by veterans, for veterans. The clothing brands have experience creating hilarious viral videos, some starring Special Forces soldier and martial artist Tim Kennedy, and they plan to channel that expertise into creating a ridiculous, post-apocalyptic romp with 100% authentic military gear, uniforms, battles and more.

The guys behind the film took to IndieGoGo to crowdfund $325,000. They exceeded their goal in only a week, and they still have an entire month to go.

“We’re making the military movie you’ve always wanted someone to make: relentless ball busting, guns, explosions, hot chicks, booze, and more guns,” the Range 15 team wrote on its IndieGoGo page. “We will not dramatically salute each other. We will kill lots of shit, all while using our weapons correctly.”

Check out their announcement video below, or show your support by purchasing Ranger Up products and donating to the film.

Take Heed: Video Contains Explicit Language