“Got any butter we can put around him?”

When a curious raccoon goes down a narrow, open hatch in the armor of an antique battle tank, local onlookers and professionals are called in to assess the situation and get the nocturnal mammal from its compromising position: butt up, legs out and dangling, looking more like a character in a Pixar production than an actual creature in nature.

When an unmarked man in tan gloves can’t manage to do the job and pry it from its jammed-up position (he only manages to call the raccoon “fat” a number of times) they call in a uniformed soldier. And, despite a little force and short flight for the animal, he solves the problem, and saves the raccoon from many more hours of frustration and torment.

Unfortunately, the location as well as the subjects of the video were not disclosed by its original publisher on YouTube.