Mary may have had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary may have had a little lamb but Hillary Clinton had a cat …

… named “Isis”.

According to her memoir Living History, which was published in 2003.

Now, that’s a solid 15/16 years ago, which in today’s modern “news cycle journalism might as well be a Methuselah lifespan ago. Meaning, it was more or less caked in dust and forgotten, buried beneath a bunch of hardcover Harry Potter books and a dozen or more Rhode Island rags.

But no more, thanks to the impressive sleuthing of a POLITICO editor’s teenage daughter, hither:

The excerpt reads as such:

After the war, my father started a small drapery fabric business. He enlisted all of his children when we were old enough to help with the printing. His success brought us to Park Ridge, Illinois, an American town right out of a Norman Rockwell illustration. Here we pose in our 1959 finery with our cat, Isis.

Upon the the tweet being twet Thursday afternoon, a Gawker writer was waiting and ready, her finger swollen from punching the “publish” button, with the only questions that mattered regarding the shocking disclosure:

How might Hillary’s relationship with Isis affect her potential presidency? Can someone who’s cavorted so intimately with Isis put her prejudices aside for the good of the country? And does Hillary miss Isis?

The American people deserve answers.

That they do. Preferably in email form.