While the packaging looks awfully convincing, and could easily fool someone into believing that yes, there are cheeseburger-flavored cookies (“made with ground beef”) out there in the world — it’s not. It’s very, very fake.

According to the Washington Post, the image got bandied about social media the past few days after being unearthed from a YouTube channel that used it for promotion way back when (titled “Wreckless Eating”).

Apparently, however, these kinds of a stunts are becoming more and more vogue. Not long ago, a handful of Texas marketing students spoofed a “red velvet-flavored” Oreo and Nabisco liked it so much that they went ahead and made them.

While beefy, sugary sandwich treats with creme in between are in no way a legit thing, these are. And they’re a lot more delicious.

A lot more.