Charles Barkley once famously announced via a television commercial that he wasn’t a role model. He said “just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.”

It was very 1990s.

After watching the following display, however, no one would even sign up to emulate Barkley, in any way (which is the definition of a role model).

Basically, former United States Army brat and legendary basketball player himself, Shaquille O’Neal (his stepfather Phillip Harrison was an NCO in the U.S. Army), muscles his coworker Barkley in some sort of studio green room (they’re both broadcasters for the National Basketball Association) and slams his rotund body into a set of couch cushions like a big brother manhandling a little brother when the folks aren’t home.

Can’t really blame Chuck that much though, he’s about seven or eight inches shorter and maybe a couple pounds lighter than his adversary. Plus, it’s goddamn Shaq. So there’s that.

It’s tough love, but love nonetheless. Although there’s not many workspaces where you can get away with pummeling your associate into a huge piece of furniture like they’re an old stuffed animal you’re pretending is some diabolical foe who owes you money. More power to these dudes.