Are you so good at remembering a face, that it’s embarrassing? In that you’re somewhat discomforted by the fact that you know the person, when they clearly don’t? It’s actually not as peculiar as you think. Other people feel the same — they feel like if they say something that person may feel like they’re more important than they are to them or there’s love interest there, etc. (when there clearly isn’t, just a terrific memory).

The phenomenon may be due to the fact that there’s extraordinarily good recall going on in their brain, that person truly is special to them in some way (we’ll leave that open-ended) OR they’re what scientists call “super-recognizers” of faces. Which makes up about one percent of the population, according to Josh P. Davis, a professor at the University of Greenwich.

Davis and his cohorts at the school recently threw an online test on their website — one that anyone can take and only takes up about five minutes of your time.

Click here to see if you’re a “super-recognizer”, or just a fairly good one. Or, a terrible one. Who knows until you try, right?