Imagine you are stranded in an unfamiliar forest. You have no bags, no weapons, no maps. Just the shirt on your back. Would you make it to safety?

Sportswear retailer Columbia is trying to answer this question by turning the annoying tags on its shirts and jackets into stainless steel survival tools. Yup, the survival hack you need to catch food, chop wood and navigate the woods is sewn right into your shirt.

This survival hack turns this…


..into this.


Other tools provided by the tags include fishing lines, water purifiers and sun dials.

Marketing gimmick or no, this is an innovative survival hack that could help both military members and civilians in a tight spot. If military uniforms included these tags, every soldier would have the minimum tools required to set up camp in an unfamiliar territory.

We don’t know yet when Columbia will start selling these survival tools in its stores. Whenever they do appear, the military community can snag ’em for 15 percent off.