Just like thousands of 49ers were suckered into crossing the country for gold-paved dreams of striking it rich during the precious metal rush of the 1800s, so too could you be, if you read the following information about attaining pure gold from a sack full of old, busted electronics like computer guts, cellphones, etc.

But, just like back, the devil is in the details, and so is he within the ins and outs of the technique we’re about to bestow. In truth, gold will be gotten. However, it’s extremely difficult to mine from such materials AND there’s very little of it at the end.

According to SPLOID, and the video below that they featured on their blog recently (via YouTuber “Cody” titled “Precious Metal Refining & Recovery … From Computer Ash”) there are many steps to getting that peck of gold …

You mash it all up in a “ball mill.” Then you light it on fire and go through its remains. Pan it — get rid of the crap. With a magnet, extract the iron from the pile. MELT IT! DOWN (1,700 degrees) because it gets rid of the lead, and no one wants lead, really. Give it a water/acid bath then electrocute it (eeeek) because this will take the copper away. Then toss it in some acid one more time. MELT again, too, “with flux and litharge.”

At the end (like Cody) you’ll have four milligrams of gold (if, like Cody, you start with a two kilogram sack of “stuff”).

Four millis of the shiny stuff is … approximately worth: two dimes (as of mid-July 2016 — the price of it fluctuates daily).

So, yeah. Might want to keep the blueprints for that Scrooge McDuck pool/vault where they belong.

In your mind.