The experts who passed down the following applicable and enormously “clutch” information was specific in saying that their research was based on Apple products and their batteries. But since the Cupertino, California company’s competitors are always hot on their tail, we’re pretty sure you can smear these tips on any similar device and it will work just as charmingly.

The first tip? Charge your phone/pad/whatever in short bursts. Not sure if any old wives are churning out tales anymore, but this is one of them. The whole misconception that you have to go from 1% to 100% is baloney. Don’t do it. Because it might actually be hurting the battery and making it weaker in the long run.

Second one is this: don’t charge to full boat one hundred percent. Ever. To put it simply, high voltage destroys a battery. So when your phone says it’s at 50 or 60 percent, that’s actually healthy. Not harmful to it. Even if the little icon has less juice and you think a full barrel of juice looks better and makes you feel more comfortable and secure and safe, sorry. It’s a good thing.

Grand finale tip: ditch the case.

When you’re charging it, anyway. The reason it’s best to do this is because the case kind of acts like an oven, and keeps the heat from the escaping when it’s hooked up to an outlet. This insulation prevent the battery from staying cool and sap its lifespan significantly.