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According to the matchstick company Swedish Match, about a million matches can be made from one average-sized Aspen tree. So, if we’ve done the match correctly, that means the amount of matches in the following video equate to 0.6% of a single arbor (Latin).

It’s been estimated that a regular cigarette smoker would have to have smoked for about 45 years straight (using only matches to light their stogies, of course) to have gone through one single arbor themselves.

Speaking of tobacco, it’s been estimated that about 15 billion cigarettes are smoked each day worldwide. That’s a ton of butts, eh?

Some have even been used as currency …

Anyway, this is what happens when a bunch of matches (six grand in total) are light more or less at the same time. For what reason? We’re not sure. But it’s certainly a sight to behold, for sure.