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To some people, Jeb! Bush is a former United States governor who’s a viable candidate to be the Republican nominee for president come November. To others, he’s a beady-eyed, bespectacled stuffed suit with blue blood surging through his veins who in no way should be anywhere near a seat of power, ESPECIALLY with his famous surname.

To some people, the following tweet and its photograph is poetic — a proud symbol of America — a country that stands for freedoms and liberties, like the unalienable right to bear arms, ESPECIALLY one with your gosh darn named branded right into it. To others, the following tweet and its photograph is embarrassing, a relic of a blood-soaked past that’s thirsty for progress and change, the product of olden, dusty laws that couldn’t foresee modern technology, automatic weapons and so many other variables.

Who are you in the discussion? What does the following tweet mean to YOU??