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Imagine a company with the stones to create a rifle that fired rounds just like a World War I-era tank or a 20mm cannon once did. Wouldn’t that be lunacy? It would be a firearm freak’s fever dream. A cartoon come to life. Something Yosemite Sam might foolishly pull out of his arsenal and aim at some cunning, wisecracking rabbit.

Oh, wait — what’s that you say? A gun manufacturer called SSK Industries out of Wintersville, Ohio makes such a crazy blaster? Holy smokes.

That they do. They even have a pleasantly plump founder named J.D. Jones who probably isn’t the type of guy you want to be calling “pleasantly plump” but oh well (he’s pictured below):

SSK Industries

Anyway, the rifle is called the SSK .950 JDJ and it fires bullets that are over four inches long, weigh over half a pound and cost $40 a pop. In all, the gun weighs between 85 and 120 pounds and can maim not only the perpetrator in its crosshairs (we’re guessing a woolly mammoth most likely or Moby Dick driving to the grocery store?) but the shooter themselves — its recoil is dastardly.

But, in the words of the venerable LeVar Burton (a proud United States Army brat, by the way), you don’t have to take our word for it.

See for yourself, in this video created by a bunch of dudes who call themselves the “The Guys from Knight Rifles” who actually squeeze the trigger on the dang caliber colossus: