To be honest, little floating robots shooting guns is the stuff of Star Wars, so we can’t help but be a little skeptical of this video. While it may be an elaborate hoax, this video shows what drones may be capable of in the future.

Posted by Hogwit, a YouTuber known outside the Internet as Austin Haughwout, the video shows a homemade drone firing a handgun mounted to its hardware. As the drone fires, expelled shells fly and the entire device is kicked backwards by the recoil.

According to the description, the length from the muzzle of gun to the rear of the drone’s frame is over 26 inches.

In his past drone-related exploits, Haughwout has been legally and physically attacked for flying drones over public beaches and taking pictures of sunbathing tourists. While his experience flying drones appears legitimate, we have no idea whether Haughwout is capable of creating the gun-toting drone we see in this new video.

If the video is genuine, it might be a good time to fortify our bedroom windows with bullet-proof glass.