Okay so there’s a helluva lot of stuff going on in the photograph below. Let’s leave the best — and the reason for this entire post — for last. Shall we? Yes we shall.

First off, peer to the upper right portion of the photograph. What do you see?

You see two women walking together with matching teal headbands, looking oddly enough like a couple of characters out of The Simpsons, enjoying a brisk stroll around Springfield.

Secondly, we have the sticker above the main event sticker, that reads “0.0”.

This is, of course, a satirical jab at the stickers runners smack on their vehicles after they’ve run a half marathon or even, sometimes, a whole entire one! so they can belittle and shame others who aren’t as physically fit or can’t afford to pay the exorbitant amount of money in fees it takes to enter such a race.

Finally, at long last, we have the sticker below the “0.0”. It reads “I FOUGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE A PANSY!!!”

From U.S. citizens who never signed up to fight for their country, to the ones who did, this exclamatory line stuck snug on the rear window of what looks like an American-made pickup truck, is the — in the history of truth — the truest of all true statements.

The pansies say — a million times over — “thank you”.

truck sticker veteran photo