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Two well-respected American policy institutions dropped a bomb recently — no pun intended — when they leaked details from a report they’re ready to release on Thursday that will detail and foretell Pakistan’s plans when it comes to building atomic weapons.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Stimson Center, two prominent think tanks in the tightlipped realm of American advocacy and research, are reporting that Pakistan’s producing more than 20 nuclear warheads a year, and is on pace to possess the third-largest atomic arsenal in the entire world (after the United States and Russia — countries that both possess thousands each) in just five to ten years.

They could have more than 350 total in that timeframe. Right now they have 120, while their neighbor and longtime adversary India has only 100. They’re able to do this because, according to numerous sources, they have a generous stockpile of highly enriched uranium — which is key in producing low-yield nuclear warheads.

Plutonium, on the other hand, is in greater supply in India where it’s used to manufacture high-yield versions.

More from the Washington Post:

“The growth path of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, enabled by existing infrastructure, goes well beyond the assurances of credible minimal deterrence provided by Pakistani officials and analysts after testing nuclear devices,” the report states.