“A recurring theme that I see on the range is trainingitis or theatrics, training through theatrics. An example of that is putting a shot on target and snatching the pistol right back and turning [one’s] head from side to side … I’m not sure what the shooter is doing?

“Nah. I get it, I get it. I understand the concept, but it’s theater through institutional inbreeding.”

You’ve heard of passive aggression, right? Well Pat McNamara — a former member of Delta Force and soldier who spent 22 years in the United States Army before retiring — speaks in aggressive aggression. He’s throws wisdom like darts, and the blurb that introduced this post above is all from his mouth.

In the following clip, it may seem like he’s making fun of amateur gun owners who go to the range and do things they see in movies. Yeah, maybe he is. But that’s not what his main message is — his reason for making the video.

His goal is to educate people and make them better marksman. Safer marksman. And he does so in an extremely direct manner, and with much aplomb.

Oh, and a sneaky setup/punch comes right after the one-minute mark …

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