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Can’t make this stuff up.

This is — somehow? — not the first time we’ve covered rubber duckies on the blog. Through a quirky vein of serendipity, rubber duckies now have two posts on our site, mostly/kinda dedicated to them. It’s not at Donald Trump exposure levels, but it’s getting there.

You may remember we did a story back before Christmas about how good, creative and subversive internet people were photoshopping ISIS as the cute birds made of the tough, elastic polymeric substance we ride on all the time (tires).

Believe it or not, that post was a bit more substantive than this one, which basically features a guy who drives a 12-ton steamroller over objects, films it, and throws it up on YouTube. Totally stupid. Inanely simple. Yet, completely engrossing.

And yes — you guessed it! — in the following footage he rolls right over a … . Rubber. Duckie.

You may be surprised with the end result?

The Verge