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Before we viewed the following video, we firmly believed that these “Bullets” were the only ones who did their job (to various levels of success, of course) without the aid of a gun. Or a firearm. Or whatever you want to call it.

That preconceived notion had to be amended, however, and it’s all thanks to “Stupid Willy”, his hammer, .22 bullets and his filthy-tongued buddy holding a camera taping the whole dang thing.

As far as we can tell, these gentlemen are from Topeka, Kansas. They originally uploaded this video back in 2012, but thanks to Reddit and blogs like Death and Taxes, it’s enjoying a second viral life.

Allow the D&T blogger Stefan Sirucek to take you right into the clip, with a well-penned skinny on the unintended beauty the two self-proclaimed rednecks bring to the table:

” … there are a lot of nice details: The inexplicable aside about the burnt broom, the whimsical goal of hitting the broadside of a barn, and the fact that no one appears to get hurt in the process other than one innocent tree and common sense, which sustained serious wounds that could not be revived.”


Speaking of country living, did you know that until 2005, Donald Trump didn’t know what overalls were?