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Apparently, A People’s History of the United States isn’t the only thing that will “knock your socks off”.

A youngish British “inventor” and YouTuber named Colin Furze discovered that recently. Not like it was much of a surprise, though. The limey tied his socks to something (not in the viewfinder) that caught wind from the gust-driving power of the firing rocket from the rocket launcher that rested snuggly on his shoulder and cleanly whipped his socks right off his jutting toesy woesies.

See him do it right here:

This is hardly Furze’s first foray into the art of doing stupid yet incendiary things on YouTube. In the past, he’s also toyed with wrist-mounted flamethrowers, an underground doomsday bunker, an ejector bed, and other things you’ll never, ever need.

Here’s one more thing about the video above — a colorful yet informative comment on the original YouTube forum:

“Can I add a warning to this experience? If the rocket gets stuck in the tube the whole payload in the head can explode, and that is not gunpowder. It is chlorate-based explosive which, when confined, is seriously bangy stuff.”

Words of wisdom indeed.

The Telegraph