These Rhodes Scholars (with a camera) were voluntarily fighting for the YPG (the People’s Protection Units) in Syria — for the government of Syrian Kurdistan (a hodgepodge force made up of Kurds, but also Arabs and Turks and yes, even Americans which can account for the familiar accents you’re about to hear in the following video) when, while “bored”, they came up with this canny stratagem.

Or so the story goes.

Either way, one of the “soldiers” took his Kalashnikov and shot it at a fellow fighter who was guarding himself rom the life-taking ammo with an armored plate of sorts. The skinny dude who could’ve died in the experiment, thankfully, only suffered a heavy dose of adrenaline and maybe some light bruising.

Cut the video short if you’re not in the mood to see some belly tattoos — let’s just say the lucky man’s tummy is no Sistine Chapel by any stretch.

Anyway, yeah. This is stupid:

According to one of the source’s of the footage — Reddit — when the YPG found out about this incident they sent those involved back home. Which, if true, isn’t surprising.