Training a family dog, a pet who will lounge and bask in the good life while receiving treats and love and regular massages, is a pretty straightforward task. Make sure he or she knows not to poop in the house, make it clear they can’t hump or nibble on strangers, and to not bark at every living molecule they notice around them. Training a military working dog, however? That’s a whole different bag of tricks. And to witness the United States Marines in the following footage (from the 3rd Law Enforcement Battalion) conducting exercises in the Central Training Area in Okinawa, Japan — are masters (pun intended).

It’s a sheer pleasure to not only see the pups work their tushes off to make their human handlers proud, but how the Marines get them to track scents and hunt down drugs and deadly bombs.

The video was taken by Lance Corporal Drew Tech of the III Marine Expeditionary Force — Marine Corps Installations Pacific.