Air Force veteran Ken Licklider was saddened when he learned that a French police dog named Diesel was killed by a suicide bomber in the aftermath of the devastating Paris attacks. Diesel had died in the line of duty, and though her sacrifice saved the lives of her handlers, it left a void in the Paris police department’s K-9 force.

Licklider decided to help by flying Diesel’s handler to the United States to pick out his next dog from the veteran’s business, Vohne Liche Kennels. The kennel is one of the largest K-9 training facilities in the United States, and in its history it has graduated 5,000 military and police dogs.

The handler, who is only identified as Joss for security reasons, picked out a Belgian Malanois to become his new partner. With his new canine pal, Joss will be able to go back into the field without wasting time on more training.

“Our dogs are already in college, and their dogs are in grade school, so this allows them to get back into the game faster,” Licklider said.