It’s no secret that canine companions can help military veterans cope with their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and transition towards a happier, healthier civilian life. They just usually don’t turn out to be wolves.

Yes, wolves.

In Warriors and Wolves, a unique program hosted by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Frazier Park, California, military veterans are paired with personal therapy wolves that have also undergone trauma. The veterans and wolves heal together, learning how to relax and feel safe while forging new, lifelong bonds.

These wolves aren’t really wild animals. Many of them are actually rescued wolf-dig crossbreeds that have been rehabilitated at Lockwood. Several (human) mental and physical therapy professionals are also on hand to help veterans on their journeys. Since the program launched in 2011, many military veterans have learned to cope with their disabilities and PTSD.

“They kind of teach you to be calm and confident,” veteran Jim Minick said. “It’s got some deeper meaning when they accept you…into part of the pack.”

Learn more about Warriors and Wolves and how the program can help military veterans by watching the video below.