What would you do if you strolled into the checkout line at a supermarket to find a American military veteran struggling to pay for his or her groceries? How would you react and/or what measure would you take if, right in front of your eyes, you saw their credit card declined, or their dig into a pocket or two come up short?

That test was applied at a grocery store in San Antonio, Texas — “La Fiesta”, to be exact — where a former U.S. Army soldier (and current actor, as you’ll see) played out the scene with a fellow thespian at the register amid unsuspecting real customers for a hidden camera show titled (just like we asked in the last paragraph) “What Would You Do?”

Watch the clip below to see if anyone comes to this veteran in need:

Pretty impressive. Over and over people come forward to help out the former military member who’s hit hard times trying to provide for his family. Pretty incredible stuff right there, makes you hopeful for the whole of humanity, doesn’t it?

And while the first woman who stepped up was an absolute sweetheart in her generosity and kindness, we have little measly (and pretty meaningless, we admit) question: she couldn’t let him have the beer?