Intrepid Girl Scouts across the country are currently honing their skills as saleswomen and peddling the most addictively delicious cookies in existence. But not every community has a Girl Scout troop going door to door with cookies. In fact, many military bases sadly watch Girl Scout cookie season come and go without even eating a single Thin Mint.

This is where Operation Cookie Drop comes in. To teach Girl Scouts the value of giving back to the community and appreciating the military, chapters across the country encourage their scouts to donate cookie boxes to nearby bases. Scouts usually ask their customers to donate a box along with their own order of goodies.

The ‘drops’ usually take place at the end of cookie season around late February or early March. Thanks to these local movements, military personnel receive thousands of free boxes every year.

Here’s some statistics from last year’s Operation Cookie Drop:

– Girls Scouts of Central Indiana delivered 7,000 cases of cookies to 60 National Guard armories.

– Girl Scouts of Western Washington proudly gathered 150,000 boxes of cookies.

– By the Gulf coast, the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama raised $21,000 for 500 cases of cookies, which went to the 1-131st Aviation Regiment.

– Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson reported delivering 90,000 boxes.

Are you interested in donating a box or two to the troops? Find a Girl Scout troop selling cookies in your area and ask to make a donation.