On a normal day, Indiana native Daniel Madsen is a staff sergeant in the United States Army’s 1st Cavalry Division.

On Christmas though? He magically transforms into a mythic figure, known as “Sir-Gifts-A-Lot.” He has a song he enjoys singing, too. It’s called “Santa Got Wrap.”

He morphed into the parodied take on the old 1980s rapper on Sunday at the Grady Dining Facility on Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

Thankfully, a fellow service member captured the show and posted it to Facebook:

To view the video click here.

Here’s a taste of Madsen and the military band’s witty lyrics:

I like big gifts and I cannot lie
You other elves can’t deny
When a kid walks in with a present in his place
And a smile on his face
I’m so glad
And I’m working hard to keep you stocking stuffed
Deep in my bag of toys for all those girls and boys

It’s Weird Al — if Weird Al was fighting for freedom thousands of miles from home.