This is what happens when a United States Marine and Army soldier witness a fellow American using like the American flag like a clownish technicolor dealership inflatable.

Wait. Were the people who had their Old Glory stolen in the following clip actually disrespecting the hallowed banner at all? Or did the military members confiscate their patriotic personal property because they were protesting something they didn’t agree with?

If you look closely, they were driving down the ride in the motorcycle with the flag upside-down:

From Wikipedia:

In 1862, during the Union army’s occupation of New Orleans in the American Civil War, the military governor, Benjamin Franklin Butler, sentenced William B. Mumford to death for removing an American flag. In 1864 John Greenleaf Whittier wrote the poem Barbara Frietchie, which told of a (probably fictional) incident in which Confederate soldiers were deterred from defacing an American flag.