Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. Cameroon.

Enter: Iran? Yet again?

Iranian “unguided” rockets landed a mere 1,500 yards from the Nimitz class super carrier USS Harry S. Truman while it sailed through the Strait of Hormuz last week, according to a Pentagon official.

The military warship, along with a United States destroyer and a French frigate were nearing the end of their trip through the narrow waterway when Iranian military personnel came on their radio and announced they were commencing a boat firing exercise, and went ahead with it, leaving the coalition procession procession no room to maneuver if the demonstration somehow turned into a full-out attack.

U.S. military officials inferred little panic or rage in their statements regarding the incident, but did label it a provocation, as well as unsafe, which leaves it entirely up to interpretation.

The question, of course, remains — what was Iran’s reason for firing these explosives? Are they sending a warning? Or simply a reminder? Or was it an accident?

It’s also worth mentioning that this is hardly the first hiccup since the summer’s nuclear deal, which was agreed upon and put in place to neuter the volatile Middle Eastern power in regards to an atomic arsenal.

This from FOX News:

In the time since, Iran has conducted missile tests criticized by the U.S., as well as aired footage on state television of an underground missile base. Iran also sank a replica of a U.S. aircraft carrier in February near the strait. It seized a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship and later released it in May after earlier surrounding U.S.-flagged cargo ship transiting the strait.