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She was homeless. Then she graduated high school. Early.

Now she’s a soldier. In the United States Army.

However she got through it, one thing’s for sure: Melissa Wint didn’t do it complaining.

“You need to suck it up and get on it with it,” she told FOX 5 in Georgia, based near her alma mater: Hampton High School in Henry County.

“Do what you can to get where you need to be.”

After she was kicked out of her adoptive mom’s house about a year ago, Wint bounced around. She lived with her brother. Then her friend. Then another friend.

Through it all, her social worker at the school — Sallie Livingston — said the brand new military member never relented.

“It was one setback after another, after another. And there were times where I felt like giving up. And Melissa never did,” she said.

Livingston aided Wint in not only finishing school early, but she assisted in her enlistment.

Born in Jamaica but adopted by American relatives, the former Georgia high school student was technically an American citizen, but there were still a number of hurdles to overcome to prove it.

“It was months in the making,” said Livington.

The dedicated social worker even made sure Wint had a party to celebrate her milestone(s).

“I wanted to graduate. And my whole thing was, I’m going to graduate and I’m going to be somebody great.”

“If there’s anything I’ve learned from this it’s where I don’t want to be.”