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“I’m about to faint,” said Ashley Lohmueller.

Thankfully, she didn’t.

But if she did, it would’ve been from the overwhelming power of pure, instant bliss — kilowatts upon kilowatts of happy shock. Because this past Saturday night — in Tucson, Arizona, her boyfriend — Master Sergeant Rusty Netwon, a United States Army Green Beret who has served his country for more than 23 years —  got down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

“Yeah, today though? Like today, right now today?” she replied.

“Yep, it’s all set up. News 13 we’re doing this!”

Unbeknownst to Ashley, relatives and loved ones from both sides of their families had flown into town and were ready to go after Newton hit her with the big splash.

A friend of the couple, Kim McNeal, helped arrange the bash, and even picked out the ring after Newton sent her money while he deployed in Saudi Arabia.

“It was terrifying. I was, it felt like I needed a security guard or something,” she said.

After they said their vows and sealed their matrimony with a smooch, the couple announced that they would have small receptions in their respective hometowns in Iowa and Georgia for those who couldn’t make the trek out to Arizona.

“I’m glad she said yes. Pressure’s off whew!” exclaimed Newton.